Residential Roof Repair


Performing home roof repairs is a task that you may want to ask a professional to tackle. When folks need projects done quickly, many of them turn to the staff from Custom Built Homes Restoration. We accept work on behalf of clients from throughout Columbus, OH, and their satisfaction is always one of our top priorities. If you’re worried about getting a project rolling, you can trust us to provide:

  • Plenty of planning assistance
  • Thorough customer service

When we go out to a job site, we make a point of only bringing premium materials with us. Every detail of a project receives the attention it deserves.

Custom Built Homes Restoration is a locally owned and operated enterprise that maintains affordable prices. We have access to the equipment and supplies required to do home roof repairs the right way, and our rates are very competitive. You can have us come out to any residence in the Columbus area, so contact us today and learn about the services we offer