Siding Repair


If your home’s exterior took a beating during the last storm, your property could need a siding repair. The folks at Custom Built Homes Restoration in Columbus, OH, know how to assess siding damage and fix all types of issues. From dents and scratches to extensive destruction, we can help you get a handle on your siding problems before they grow more costly to fix.

After years of protecting your home, a siding installation can begin looking worn, and we can make the repairs and replacements it requires. A repair from one of our qualified technicians can help extend the life of your investment. We can take care of rust and rot that may have settled in areas where damage wasn’t addressed right away. We’re easy to work with, and we offer:

  • Convenient work hours
  • Timely turnarounds
  • Professional installers

Waiting to make a siding repair can end up costing you more, and we’ll make sure you get a solid fix you can trust. Call Custom Built Homes Restoration today to get started on a siding repair for a property in Columbus or a surrounding community.